Why Bloom Energy's Solid oxide fuel cells?

Does Bloom Energy sell the electricity produced by its boxes?

  • In 2010, Bloom Energy claimed to be developing power purchase agreements to sell electricity produced by the boxes, rather than selling the boxes themselves, in order to address customers' fears about box maintenance, reliability, and servicing costs.

Is the Bloom fuel cell project greenwashing?

  • Leveen and others accuse Bloom of "greenwashing" in claiming that Bloom's fuel cells are a low-carbon power generation source or can count toward a renewable portfolio standard in a very loose interpretation of "renewable." (In a similar spirit, Arizona once wanted to count nuclear toward its RPS.)

Does Bloom Energy Server produce carbon dioxide?

  • Bloom Energy Server. The cell's technology continues to rely on non-renewable sources of energy to produce electricity, and because it is not a hydrogen fuel cell, it still produces carbon dioxide (an important greenhouse gas) during operation.

image-Why Bloom Energy's Solid oxide fuel cells?
image-Why Bloom Energy's Solid oxide fuel cells?
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