Why are desalination plants Bad?

Why is desalination so expensive?

  • Basically desalination plants use pure pumping power to filter out salt from seawater by forcing the seawater through Reverse Osmosis membranes with pores smaller than salts and viruses. So it's expensive because it's energy intensive, but for countries that are energy or cash rich, it's a relatively simple and straight-forward process.

Can ocean water be filtered?

  • Yes in that you can obviously pass sea water through a filter that would remove particulates and clean the water. No, in that you cannot pass salt water through a filter and have the salt filtered out. Dissolved salt is not a particulate that can be filtered out of water.

Can sea water be purified?

  • Sea water can be easily purified using various methods. One of the method is reverse osmosis. In this method, there are two chambers separated by any semi permeable membrane usually cellulose acetate. In one chamber, pure water is taken while in other, the sea water which is to be purified.

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image-Why are desalination plants Bad?
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