Who is Ada Lovelace?

Where can I find Ada Lovelace's sketch of the Analytical Engine?

  • Six copies of the 1843 first edition of Sketch of the Analytical Engine with Ada Lovelace's Notes have been located. Three are held at Harvard University, one at the University of Oklahoma, and one at the United States Air Force Academy.

What did Ada King do for US?

  • Augusta Ada King (1815-52), Countess of Lovelace, was a computer pioneer, writer and mathematician, dubbed ‘enchantress of numbers’ and ‘prophet of the computer age’ by one biographer. Encouraged by her mother, Lady Byron, Ada fought for her right to an education, teaching herself geometry and training in astronomy and mathematics.

What was Lovelace's relationship with her mother like?

  • Lovelace did not have a close relationship with her mother. She was often left in the care of her maternal grandmother Judith, Hon. Lady Milbanke, who doted on her.

image-Who is Ada Lovelace?
image-Who is Ada Lovelace?
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