Which is correct amount or amounts?

plural amounts. 1 amount. /əˈmaʊnt/ plural amounts. Learner's definition of AMOUNT.

Is an amount of something plural or singular?

"Amount of" should be used with a singular word, and "number of" should be used with a plural word. Similarly, "less" should be used before a singular word, and "fewer" should be used with a plural word.

How do you use amounts?

Amount of or number of? We use amount of with uncountable nouns. Number of is used with countable nouns: We use a huge amount of paper in the office every day.Dec 1, 2021

Is the word amount countable?

"Amount" is used to *define* uncountable nouns. Exactly. For example, in "a huge amount of water", although "water" is uncountable, the word "amount" itself is countable, otherwise the "a" before "huge" would be wrong.May 14, 2014

What is the difference between amount and amounts?

There is no difference in meaning. It has to do with whether you are thinking of one large pile of data or various piles of data. Bob has an amount of data on the disk.Feb 20, 2012

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Can you say quantity of people?

Although it is grammatically correct to say a number of people, in casual English it is common to hear the amount of people. The amount of people is frequently used but not actually right.Jan 27, 2015


Is it in the amount of or for the amount of?

To write plainly and concisely, use for or of instead of the roundabout phrases in the amount of or in the sum of. Mr. Smith gave me a cheque for (not in the amount of) $35,000.


Is amount of time correct?

Thanks! Yes, it is correct to say that something happened in such a short amount of time, especially when you're describing a past event to a listener. The phrase is also commonly used in many fictional works of literature and media.


Can we use amounts?

Both are grammatically correct and in common usage.


Is or are with amount?

In your sentences, the singular word 'amount' is the subject, so say is. More natural than amount is number'. ie The number of endangered species is growing. Note that every English sentence must start with a capital letter and end with appropriate punctuation, usually a period.Oct 3, 2018


Where is many used with quantity or number?

'Many' is used when we are speaking about a plural noun. When we speak about 'many' and 'much', it's worth mentioning countable and uncountable nouns. Countable nouns can be used with a number and have singular and plural forms. Uncountable nouns can only be used in singular and cannot be used with a number.


What is the synonym for amount?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for amount to, like: be equal to, be tantamount to, approximate, effect, mount up to, aggregate, check with, be equal in quantity to, total up to, sum up to and foot up to.


Is large amount grammatically correct?

They are used in similar ways to a lot of and lots of, but they are more formal. A great deal of and a large amount of are generally used with uncountable nouns.Feb 5, 2020


What are some examples of plural words?

  • There are some rules when working with English plurals: Just add an 's' to make most words plural - examples: cats, dogs, girls, bats If the noun ends with a ch, s, sh, x, or z add an 'es' to make it plural - examples: churches, boxes, witches, witnesses


What are singular and plural pronouns?

  • A pronoun is a word that may take the place of a noun. Some pronouns are singular and others are plural. Singular Pronouns include; I, you, it, she, he, me, her and him. Plural Pronouns include; they, them, us and we. These Singular and Plural Pronouns worksheets are for students at the beginner and intermediate level.


What are the rules of plural nouns?

  • Plural Nouns: Rules and Examples. Most singular nouns are made plural by simply putting an -s at the end. There are many different rules regarding pluralization depending on what letter a noun ends in. Irregular nouns do not follow plural noun rules, so they must be memorized or looked up in the dictionary.


Is the word 'amount' singular or plural?Is the word 'amount' singular or plural?

This is confusing because both 'amount' is a mass noun and 'data' is naturally taken to be a mass noun but pedantically is considered the plural of a count noun (with the rare 'datum' as the singular). share|improve this answer.


How do you use amount of in a sentence?How do you use amount of in a sentence?

"Amount of" should be used with a singular word, and "number of" should be used with a plural word. Similarly, "less" should be used before a singular word, and "fewer" should be used with a plural word. Read more about using less and fewer.


What is another word for amount?What is another word for amount?

See more synonyms for amount on noun. the sum total of two or more quantities or sums; aggregate. the sum of the principal and interest of a loan. quantity; measure: a great amount of resistance.


What is the difference between amount and number?What is the difference between amount and number?

Amount and number are both used for talking about quantities, but each word is used in different ways. Number is used with plural nouns: a small number of cars ♦ a certain number of people. Amount is used with uncountable nouns: a small amount of traffic ♦ a certain amount of confidence.

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