Where is stomata located in a leaf?

What does stomata do?

  • Plural stomata (stō'mə-tə) Botany One of the tiny openings in the epidermis of a plant, through which gases and water vapor pass. Stomata permit the absorption of carbon dioxide necessary for photosynthesis from the air, as well as the removal of excess oxygen.

What are the functions of stomata?

  • Stomata are the tiny openings on a plant's leaf surface. A singular opening is called a stoma. The primary function of stomata is a gas exchange, not unlike the human equivalent of breathing.

What is stomata in a leaf?

  • Structure of Stoma. Stomata contribute to 1-2% of the leaf area when it is open. ...
  • Types of Stomata in Plants. Stomata in plants can classify into different types based on its location,structure and development.
  • Opening and Closing of Stomata. ...
  • Functions of Stomata in Plants. ...

image-Where is stomata located in a leaf?
image-Where is stomata located in a leaf?
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