What website is FastSupport com?

What is FastSupport GoToAssist?

GoToAssist Remote Support is a cloud-based service that enables support professionals to resolve their customers' technical issues using screen sharing, mouse and keyboard control and other tools. Individual IT pros or teams can deliver fast on-demand support or access unattended desktops and servers.

Is GoToAssist encrypted?

Encryption. GoToAssist employs Transport Layer Security (TLS) up to 1.3 where supported and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. Our multi-tiered server architecture separates presentation, application, and database server, ensuring adequate protection of all sensitive information.

How does Microsoft Quick Assist work?

Quick Assist is a Windows application that enables a person to share their device with another person over a remote connection. Your support staff can use it to remotely connect to a user's device and then view its display, make annotations, or take full control.Nov 30, 2021

How do I create a GoToAssist ID?

Go to the Create Your Account page. Fill in your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password, Phone, and Company fields, then click Start My Free Trial to continue. You will receive a Welcome email containing your login details, the end date of your trial period, and a link to convert to a paid subscription plan.

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What is GoToAssist app?

DESCRIPTION. The GoToAssist (Customer) app allows GoToAssist Remote Support agents to provide full screen sharing, remote control, chat support, and camera sharing (live camera streaming from your device to your support agent) for Samsung and LG mobile devices running Android OS versions 4.2 and higher.

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