What surface will 3M adhesive studs stick to?

Can the adhesive studs be applied to wood?

  • As mentioned numerous times on the website, the adhesive studs should not be applied to wood. Typically a wood surface is porous and unstable. This allows the surface to deteriorate over time and the adhesive has nothing left to hold onto.

Why choose clickclick bond studs?

  • Click Bond studs and standoffs for aerospace, automotive, and industrial applicaitons are available in a variety of metal and composite materials and include installation fixtures that promote accurate positioning and hold the fastener under positive pressure while the adhesive cures, optimizing bond strength.

What kind of studs do you use for window frames?

  • Making it easy for you to have professional-looking results every time. 3M Adhesive Studs stick well on smooth, flat, non-textured surfaces such as vinyl window frames, aluminum, plastic, and fibreglass. If installing EZ Snap® Fasteners on wood, we recommend using our Stainless Steel Screw-in Studs.

image-What surface will 3M adhesive studs stick to?
image-What surface will 3M adhesive studs stick to?
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