What is tretrepanning used for?

What is trepanation and why did people do it?

  • Why did people do it? In ancient times, trepanation was thought to be a treatment for various ailments, such as head injuries. It may also have been used to treat pain. Some scientists also think that the practice was used to pull spirits from the body in rituals.

What are some examples of unsuccessful trepanation procedures?

  • Researchers have found scarring from trepanation on skeletons, but the holes and injury to the skull had healed, according to research published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. One example of an unsuccessful procedure is a medieval woman who died while pregnant.

Are there signs of trephining in modern times?

  • Furthermore very few of the skulls showed any sign of depressed fractures, a common indication for trephining in modern times. Trephined skulls have been discovered in widespread locations in every part of the world, in sites dating from the late Paleolithic to this century.

image-What is tretrepanning used for?
image-What is tretrepanning used for?
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