What is the purpose of the aeration tank?

How is air bubbled through the aeration tank?

  • A diffused-bubble aerator has several chambers and a diffuser through which air blows. The diffuser produces fine bubbles that rise through the water as it flows from chamber to chamber. These bubbles carry the volatile chemicals through a vent system to the outside air. The more chambers the system has, the greater the air-to-water contact.

Is aeration a must for a fish tank?

  • Aeration is an absolutely essential part of keeping a healthy tank. Aeration is the process of circulating oxygen around your tank by disturbing the surface and allowing oxygen to penetrate the water so your fish can breathe.

Why is aeration important for wastewater treatment?

  • Aeration is part of the secondary treatment process. Aeration in an activated sludge process is based on pumping air into a tank, which promotes the microbial growth in the wastewater. The microbes feed on the organic material, forming flocs that can easily settle out.

image-What is the purpose of the aeration tank?
image-What is the purpose of the aeration tank?
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