What is the purpose of a near side stop?

What are in-Lane and far-side stops?

  • In-lane stops reduce wear on transit vehicles and street infrastructure by avoiding lane shifts during braking. At signalized intersections, far-side stops allow transit vehicles to clear an intersection before stopping.

Where are in-Lane stops at an intersection?

  • In-lane stops at the far side of an intersection confer the highest priority to transit operations at most signalized intersections. Far-side in-lane stops are generally the preferred stop configuration where transit lanes or transitways are present.

What happens if you stop in the right turn lane?

  • Where very high right turn volumes are present, an in-lane stop can be located on an island between the transit lane and right turn lane. If a large number of vehicles turn behind the stopped transit vehicle at a far-side location, they will likely block the intersection, resulting in traffic congestion and delay.

image-What is the purpose of a near side stop?
image-What is the purpose of a near side stop?
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