What is the pectoral girdle?

How many girdles do you have in your body?

  • Your body is comprised of joints, muscles, and structures that connect one bone to the next. A pectoral girdle, also referred to as the shoulder girdle, connects your upper limbs to the bones along the axis of your body. You have two pectoral girdles in your body. The pectoral girdle consists of the two bones that make up your shoulder:

Which way do the pectoral girdle and entire shoulder move?

  • The pectoral girdle and entire shoulder move downwards. Downward rotation: rotating the lower scapula towards the rib cage as in moving the arm behind the back. Want to learn more about the types of body movements?

What is the best treatment for pectoral girdle pain?

  • Cortisone injections: Cortisone can be injected into the acromioclavicular joint to help decrease pain and inflammation. Rest: Avoiding activities that cause increased symptoms for associated conditions of the pectoral girdle is often necessary to allow time for inflammation to decrease and for injured joints to heal.

image-What is the pectoral girdle?
image-What is the pectoral girdle?
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