What is the online alarm clock?

How can I set an alarm online?

  • How Can You Set an Alarm Online? 1 Enter the time you want to wake up 2 Pick your alarm sound 3 If you are a snoozer, you can optionally set the snooze duration 4 Click "Set the Alarm" More ...

How do alarms work in the body?

  • In the case of true alarms, (for example, a mountain lion running towards you), the Sympathetic Nervous System facilitates communication between your body and your brain, alerting you to the danger and activating physical changes that will help you to fight for your life or run away.

What are the different types of alarm sounds available?

  • Currently, there are three options available which are sound that uses standard melodies like alarm clock, buzzer, and rooster sounds, YouTube alarm clock which lets you select any YouTube videos that you like as your alarm and finally, radio which lets you select any of the available radio stations to wake you up or to remind you something.

image-What is the online alarm clock?
image-What is the online alarm clock?
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