What is the most popular Bible in China?

What is the relationship between China and the Bible?

  • The Bible is a book primarily about Israel, physical and spiritual. When other nations are mentioned, it is typically in relation to Israel. In biblical times, the interaction between the Chinese and the Israelites was of no major consequence, and so China was rarely mentioned.

When was the new Chinese Bible translation published?

  • The translation project was kicked off in 1972 by the New Chinese Bible Centre and the whole Bible was completed and published in 1992 by the Tien Dao Publishing House. A first draft of each book was done by a Bible scholar with expertise in Greek or Hebrew and Aramaic.

How many Christians are there in China?

  • There are at least 60 million Christians in China, spanning rural and urban areas. Congregation-based churches can organise large groups across the country and some have links with Christian groups abroad. Pastors such as Wang of Early Rain are especially alarming for authorities.

image-What is the most popular Bible in China?
image-What is the most popular Bible in China?
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