What is the most common size of TV screen?

Is 42 inches a good size for a TV screen?

  • 42 inches. 42 inches is a popular in-between size for TV screens. It’s not quite big enough for most living rooms, but a 42 inch TV may be too expensive or too large for other rooms. With a 42 inch TV screen, you can sit a comfortable distance from your TV set and still easily see every detail.

How do you measure the size of a TV?

  • Most are expressed in inches. A big screen TV shown with the word inch appearing in the center. Dotted lines extend diagonally from the word inch to the upper left corner and lower right corner of the TV screen to show how to calculate TV size when measuring a screen.

Why are TV's shown in inches and centimeters?

  • The sizes of TVs are shown in inches and centimeters for your convenience. Know your TV’s Size – This article shows how big your TV will be in centimeters and inches depending on the size of the screen diagonal in inches. You can understand the size of your TV and read our article about TV sizes.

image-What is the most common size of TV screen?
image-What is the most common size of TV screen?
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