What is the meaning of station?

How do I find the location of a police station?

  • Loading... Find the locations and phone numbers of police stations by using the map or listing here. Otherwise you can download SAPOL’s app to find your nearest station on your mobile device. Contact your local police station first to find out if the service you need is available and at what times.

What is the meaning of station in nursing?

  • Medical Definition of station. 1 : the place at which someone is positioned or is assigned to remain the nurse's station on a hospital ward. 2 : the act or manner of standing : posture station was unsteady with the eyes open or closed — Diseases of the Nervous System. 3 : a place established to provide a service — see aid station.

How many platforms are there in Central Station?

  • Central Station is comprised of the Grand Concourse, North Concourse, and the South Concourse. The Grand Concourse contains platforms 1 to 15 for regional and intercity trains.

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image-What is the meaning of station?
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