What is the function of the secondary lamellae?

What is Another faecal lamella 2 is produced?

  • Another Faecal Lamella 2 is produced (H). The animal continues in this way and constructs a long band of secondary lamellae (Fig. 28.9 ), consisting of alternating unexploited sediment (Sediment Lamellae 2) and faeces (Faecal Lamellae 2). The whole spreite is thus the result of various bands of secondary lamellae, produced one after another.

Why do fish have so many secondary lamellae?

  • The large surface area of the secondary lamellae is also helpful for exchanging body heat, ions and water between the fish’s body and the surrounding water. Having so many tiny secondary lamellae creates an enormous surface area for oxygen to be absorbed through.

What are the steps in the formation of a lamella?

  • Ingestion phase: proboscis extension with ingestion of sediment. Formation of a Sediment Lamella 2 by the collapse of enclosing sediment. Excretion phase: proboscis withdraws with excretion of undigested sediment. Formation of a Faecal Lamella 2 by the deposition of faecal material.

image-What is the function of the secondary lamellae?
image-What is the function of the secondary lamellae?
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