What is the function of interposing relay?

What is an electromechanical relay?

  • In addition to directly performing logic functions, electromechanical relays may also be used as interposing devices between mismatched sensors, controllers, and/or control devices.

What are the interposing relays features 700-hl?

  • Interposing Relays Features 700-HL • Screw terminals or cage clamp terminals are available • Leakage current suppression versions are available to address concerns of nuisance coil turn-on or non-dropout current when converting to PLCs with overage current 700-HK

What is an output interposing circuit in plc?

  • As with the input interposing circuit shown previously, the task of the relay in an output interposing circuit is to be controlled by the PLC’s output channel, and in turn direct power to a field device that is itself incompatible with the PLC’s output.

image-What is the function of interposing relay?
image-What is the function of interposing relay?
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