What is the formal charge on SCN- ion?

Therefore, the resonance structure that contributes most to the stability of the thiocyanate ion, SCN is: The formal charges are: S = 0; C = 0; and N = –1.

Why is the Lewis structure for SCN- a negative charge?

  • Because N is more electronegative it makes more sense for it to have the negative charge. As a result the SCN Lewis structure with the N having a negative one formal charge is the best structure. The Lewis structure for SCN- has 16 valence electrons.

Why is the structure of SCN - not stable?

  • There are charges on every atoms of above structure. Therfore, drawn structure for SCN - is not a stable structure. Also, when charge of an atom is great (like +2, +3), that structure become more unstable. When a molecule or ion has so many charges on atoms and charge is great that structure is not stable.

How many valence electrons are in the SCN ion?

  • There are a total of 16 valence electrons for the SCN ion. The central Carbon atom forms double bonds with both the atoms and in its resonance structures, there is one triple bond and one single bond in the structure.

image-What is the formal charge on SCN- ion?
image-What is the formal charge on SCN- ion?
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