What is the economy in Alturas CA?

What is Alturas ventures?

  • Alturas Ventures provides multi-stage investments, from angel to acquisition, to help our partners scale and succeed. Alturas Capital Partners manages the Alturas Real Estate Fund, an evergreen investment fund with a focus on value-add, core plus and commercial real estate development investments.

What are the major highways in Alturas CA?

  • Alturas is served by U.S. Route 395 and California State Route 299. U.S. 395 comes in from the south from Susanville and Reno. State Route 299 comes in from the west from Redding. Both highways merge in Alturas and head out of the city as a concurrency northeast toward Lakeview, Oregon and Cedarville, respectively.

What political party is Alturas CA in?

  • Government. In the California State Legislature, Alturas is in the 1st Senate District, represented by Republican Brian Dahle, and the 1st Assembly District, represented by (vacant). In the United States House of Representatives, Alturas is in California's 1st congressional district, represented by Republican Doug LaMalfa.

image-What is the economy in Alturas CA?
image-What is the economy in Alturas CA?
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