What is the constructivist theory of learning?

What is social constructivism?

  • Social Constructivism Lens in Focus Central to constructivism is the view that we learn most naturally through active learning (Dewy, 2009). Dewy’s notion of active learning suggests that for learning to be effective, it needs to be an engaging and meaningful experience for the learner.

What is constructivism according to Arends?

  • In elaborating constructivists’ ideas Arends (1998) states that constructivism believes in personal construction of meaning by the learner through experience, and that meaning is influenced by the interaction of prior knowledge and new events. What are the principles of constructivism?

What are the disadvantages of constructivism in education?

  • The biggest disadvantage is its lack of structure. Some students require highly structured environments in order to be able to excel. Constructivism calls for the teacher to discard standardized curriculum in favor or a more personalized course of study based on what the student already knows. This could lead some students to fall behind of others.

image-What is the constructivist theory of learning?
image-What is the constructivist theory of learning?
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