What is statistics made easy?

Do you like statistics and probability?

  • If you do, you will love statistics and probability. These tools are you mathematics 8-ball that can help you make really intelligent, uncanny predictions. Here is a course called Workshop on Probability and Statistics that helps clear thing up, but let’s go over the basics on how you can start to learn statistics.

How does statistics help us make sense of all this information?

  • To make sense of all of this information, certain tools and ways of thinking are necessary. The mathematical science called statistics is what helps us to deal with this information overload. Statistics is the study of numerical information, called data. Statisticians acquire, organize, and analyze data.

How do you analyze data in statistics?

  • One way to analyze data is called descriptive statistics. Here the goal is to calculate quantities that describe our data. Numbers called the mean, median and mode are all used to indicate the average or center of the data.

image-What is statistics made easy?
image-What is statistics made easy?
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