What is Sofar solar?

What are Sofar events?

  • Three surprise artists in undisclosed locations make for music experiences you'd never expect. Sofar events are happening in select cities around the world, with safety protocols to keep everyone happy. We’ve got an ear for undiscovered sounds.

What is a sofar bomb used for?

  • Sofar bomb. In oceanography, a sofar bomb (Sound Fixing And Ranging bomb), occasionally referred to as a sofar disc, is a long-range position-fixing system that uses impulsive sounds in the deep sound channel of the ocean to enable pinpointing of the location of ships or crashed planes.

What are the characteristics of the SOFAR channel?

  • Details. The SOFAR channel is centred on the depth where the cumulative effect of temperature and water pressure (and, to a lesser extent, salinity) combine to create the region of minimum sound speed in the water column. Pressure in the ocean increases linearly with depth, but temperature is more variable,...

image-What is Sofar solar?
image-What is Sofar solar?
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