What is simple harmonic motion in physics?

What are the characteristics of harmonic superposition?

  • Any oscillatory motion which is not simple Harmonic can be expressed as a superposition of several harmonic motions of different frequencies. A motion repeats itself after an equal interval of time. For example, uniform circular motion. There is no equilibrium position. There is no restoring force.

What is the direction of restoring force in simple harmonic motion?

  • The direction of this restoring force is always towards the mean position. The acceleration of a particle executing simple harmonic motion is given by, a (t) = -ω 2 x (t). Here, ω is the angular velocity of the particle.

What is simple harmonic periodic periodic and oscillation motion?

  • Simple Harmonic, Periodic and Oscillation Motion. Simple harmonic motion can be described as an oscillatory motion in which the acceleration of the particle at any position is directly proportional to the displacement from the mean position. It is a special case of oscillatory motion.

image-What is simple harmonic motion in physics?
image-What is simple harmonic motion in physics?
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