What is Rackspace used for?

Where is Rackspace located?

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Rackspace serves more than 140,000 business customers, including most of the Fortune 100, from data centers on five continents.

Does Rackspace still exist?

In August 2016, it was confirmed that Apollo Global Management had reached an agreement to buy the company for $4.3 billion. The sale was completed in November 2016 and Rackspace officially ended trading on the New York Stock Exchange on November 3, 2016.

Who is Rackspace owned by?

Rackspace leases server space and helps corporations store and access data in the cloud. It was acquired by Apollo in a $4.3 billion leveraged buyout in 2016, and was listed in the stock market earlier this month.Aug 17, 2020

What makes Rackspace unique?

What makes Rackspace unique is how we respond to those issues. The combination of Fanatical Support and a very mature Root Cause Analysis (RCA) methodology certainly sets us apart from others and eliminates the recurrence of issues.” The customer service team members are called "Rackers".May 18, 2020

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What makes Rackspace different?

From first consultation to daily operations, Rackspace combines the power of always-on service with best-in-class tools and automation to deliver technology when and how you need it. Delivering modern IT as a service across cloud, applications, security, data and infrastructure.


Is Rackspace owned by Amazon?

Other key executives will receive similar compensation. Rackspace was acquired in 2016 by private equity giant Apollo Global Management for $4.3 billion. It came back to the public market last August. Rackspace is a key partner of Amazon's AWS, the Internet giant's largest profit driver.Mar 19, 2021


How many countries is Rackspace in?

Our Industry-Leading Guarantees

Customers in over 120 countries, including over half of the FORTUNE® 100, rely on our 100% Network Uptime Guarantee and infrastructure guarantees.


Who is the CEO of Rackspace?

Kevin M. Jones - Chief Executive Officer - Rackspace Technology | LinkedIn.


Is Rackspace a SaaS?

We know you value flexibility and freedom of choice, so Rackspace's SaaS hosting options include a hybrid cloud, which combines dedicated hardware, virtual servers, private cloud and public cloud. We also provide a portfolio of tools to help you develop, migrate, create, test and back up your apps.


Is Rackspace technology a buy?

Rackspace Technology has received a consensus rating of Buy. The company's average rating score is 2.67, and is based on 6 buy ratings, 3 hold ratings, and no sell ratings.


Is Rackspace owned by Apollo?

Apollo bought the company for $4.3 billion. ... In an interview with Barron's Wednesday morning, Rackspace CEO Kevin Jones said the company has been completely transformed since it was taken private.Aug 5, 2020


Is Rackspace a good company to work for?

80% of employees at Rackspace Technology™ say it is a great place to work compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.


What is the purpose of Rackspace?

  • Rackspace is a popular cloud computing and hosting company. Rackspace wants to save customers time, money and the headaches of managing their own IT infrastructure by letting their company do it. Rackspace says it has over 100,000 companies as clients, and that it works with 40 of the Fortune 100 companies.


How much Rackspace cost?

  • The practically least costly hosting is Rackspace Cloud Sites, which is aPaaS, it includes everything in this world you need within $150 / month charge. It remained 150 since 2011. OpenShift also cost 150, so possibly Cloud sites with IP address can not be accused much. It is fully managed and good for small business, personal websites etc.


What does Rackspace do in the cloud?

  • Rackspace is a cloud services provider that helps companies port data to Amazon Web Services, and also provides infrastructure management and managed application services. It also helps Amazon ( AMZN) - Get Report competitors Google Cloud ( GOOGL) - Get Report, Microsoft Azure ( MSFT) - Get Report, VMWare and more to move data around.


What is rack space?

  • Rack space refers to the amount of physical space your server or servers take up in a rack in a co-location facility. Typical full racks are 42 units (see below) and run from floor to ceiling.

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