What is printworkflow - Windows 10 service?

How do I customize the printing workflow experience?

  • Developers can customize the printing workflow experience through the use of a print workflow app. Print workflow apps are UWP apps that expand on the functionality of Microsoft Store devices apps (WSDAs), so it will be helpful to have some familiarity with WSDAs before going further.

What is printworkflowsession in Salesforce?

  • It exposes the PrintWorkflowSession property, which is an instance of PrintWorkFlowBackgroundSession. Print workflow session classes - both the background and foreground varieties - will control the sequential steps of the print workflow app.

Why does my print workflow run as a background task?

  • For this reason, Print workflow apps run as background tasks by default. If a workflow app is associated with the source application that started the print job (see later section for instructions on this), the print system examines its manifest files for a background task entry point.

image-What is printworkflow - Windows 10 service?
image-What is printworkflow - Windows 10 service?
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