What is Michelle Simmons known for?

What did Michelle Simmons discover?

She has pioneered unique technologies internationally to build electronic devices in silicon at the atomic scale, including the world's smallest transistor, the narrowest conducting wires, 3D atomic electronics and the first two qubit gate using atom-based qubits in silicon.

What did Michelle Simmons study?

Prof Simmons obtained a double degree in physics and chemistry (1985-1988) and then a PhD in physics, engineering II-VI solar cells from Durham University (1992). Following this she was a postdoctoral Research Fellow in GaAs-based quantum electronics at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, UK (1992-99).

How old was Michelle Simmons when she moved to Australia?

Simmons, 54, doubts she would have accomplished quite so much had she not moved to Australia in 1999, becoming a citizen in 2007 and Australian of the Year in 2018. “Growing up in England, I don't know why but people were very averse to risk there,” she says.Sep 4, 2021

Why did Michelle Simmons migrate to Australia?

I was drawn to the technological challenge of trying to create new devices that had never been made before, where each atom had to be put in place to engineer a particular effect – in essence, to create electronic devices at the atomic scale. It was this that brought me to Australia.

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image-What is Michelle Simmons known for?

What two technologies did Michelle Simmons team had to bring together to build a quantum computer?

The team at UNSW would build silicon wafers; the Melbourne team would implant phosphorus atoms into them to form quantum bits, or “qubits”, that, like the bits in a classical computer, could be used for computations; and the team at Queensland would handle the theory.Dec 27, 2019


Why did Michelle Simmons win Australian of the Year?

Scientia Professor Michelle Simmons was named 2018 Australian of the Year in recognition of her pioneering research and leadership in quantum computing.May 24, 2018

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