What is meant by student-centred learning?

Is student-centred teaching and learning working in Australia?

  • Student-centred teaching and learning is now widely advocated by education systems in Australia and internationally (Black 2006; Danzig et al. 2005; Tennessee State Board of Education 2011; Yonezawa, McClure & Jones 2012).

What is quality teaching in a student centred school?

  • In a student-centred school, quality teaching involves the ability to personalise learning to ensure that the content and pedagogical approaches engage and meet students’ learning needs.

Should schools be teacher-centered or student-centred?

  • The basic rationale is that schools should be designed to enhance student learning, not improve organizational efficiency. Dating back to the 1930s, if not earlier, American educators have used the terms “teacher-centered” and “student-centered” to describe two distinct approaches to instruction.

image-What is meant by student-centred learning?
image-What is meant by student-centred learning?
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