What is manganese and what is it used for?

What are the benefits of manganese for bone health?

  • Manganese is essential for bone health, including bone development and maintenance. When combined with the nutrients calcium, zinc and copper, manganese supports bone mineral density. This is particularly important in older adults.

What are the side effects of manganese?

  • Manganese is highly unlikely to cause any side effects if a person is just getting it from dietary sources. People taking manganese supplements should not take more than the recommended amount on the bottle. However, it would likely take years of overexposure for a person to experience any issues.

Is manganese good for heart disease prevention?

  • Manganese is used in numerous important enzymes, including arginase, glutamine synthetase and manganese superoxide. These work as antioxidants in the body, helping lower levels of oxidative stress and inflammation that can lead to heart disease or cancer. What is manganese most beneficial for when it comes to disease prevention?

image-What is manganese and what is it used for?
image-What is manganese and what is it used for?
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