What is IoT testing?

Why is usability important in IoT testing?

  • That’s why checking usability of the system is very important in IoT testing. There are lots of devices which can be connected though IOT system. These devices have varied software and hardware configuration. Therefore, the possible combination are huge. As a result, checking the compatibility in IOT system is important.

How can Sydney Water test the maturity of the IoT?

  • To explore IoT’s opportunities and test its maturity Sydney Water conducted an IoT trial project. Hereby, relatively inexpensive battery-powered devices monitor assets and report back readings through dedicated communication networks and software services which raise an alarm in case of variations.

What are some examples of IoT in real life?

  • This technology allows the user to control devices remotely over a network. Some of the examples of IoT in real life implementation are as follows: Wearable gadgets such as Fitbit bands and Apple watches synchronize easily with the mobile devices.

image-What is IoT testing?
image-What is IoT testing?
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