What is hackathons Australia?

What is a themed hackathon?

  • Themed hackathons are able to attract subject matter experts (something that open-ended hackathons like Open Data Day DC are not good at), and projects typically revolve around problems that the subject matter experts bring to the table.

Should you participate in a hackathon?

  • For anyone looking to enter the tech field, participating in a hackathon can be a great learning experience and offers a unique opportunity to build a powerful network. “One of the best things about hackathons is the opportunity to meet new people who care about the issue or technology that you care about,” Gurses says.

When was the first hackathon held?

  • This was pioneered by the Zope, who completed in excess of 30 sprints between January 2002 and January 2006. The annual hackathon to work on the operating system OpenBSD, held since 1999, is one such event; it was a pioneering hackathon that may have originated the word "hackathon".

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