What is global cement magazine?

Who is the largest cement producer in Sweden?

  • The cement producer operates both of Sweden’s integrated plants, at Slite and Skövde respectively, with Slite holding around 80% of the company’s production capacity. On its own, the Slite plant alone supplies 75% of the country’s cement, with about another 10 – 15% provided by importer Schwenk Zement.

What are the environmental impacts of cement production?

  • Typically, cement plants in similar battles find themselves in opposition to local communities due to the immediate impacts of quarrying or production on water, or due to noise or dust. Yet the hidden consequence of clinker production is significant process CO 2 emissions with resulting global climate change.

Will the EU's cement deal cover the shortage of cement?

  • However, as Thomas Lind, the head of cement for HeidelbergCement Northern Europe, pointed out in August 2021, the agreement won’t cover the entire shortfall, nor would it be ideal from logistical or environmental angles.

image-What is global cement magazine?
image-What is global cement magazine?
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