What is FR4 material used for PCB?

What is FR4 laminate?

  • The designation “FR4” refers to the flame-retardant properties of the dielectric material and type-4 woven glass-reinforced epoxy laminate used to build up the substrate. This type of laminate material is highly insulating and rigid, and every manufacturer should know how to work with FR4 laminates as a base material.

Why choose FR4 as a substrate?

  • FR4 remains the substrate choice for many applications because of its low cost and mechanical properties. Although design teams always seek to minimize cost, Altium Designer’s unified design environment allows teams to design on FR4 or other specialized laminates.

What does fr 4 stand for in epoxy?

  • "FR" stands for flame retardant, and denotes that the material complies with the standard UL94V-0. The designation FR-4 was created by NEMA in 1968. FR-4 glass epoxy is a popular and versatile high-pressure thermoset plastic laminate grade with good strength to weight ratios.

image-What is FR4 material used for PCB?
image-What is FR4 material used for PCB?
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