What is ETFE material?

What is the difference between ETFE and PTFE?


PTFE is constructed from carbon and fluorine atoms whereas ETFE is built from carbon, fluorine and hydrogen. Giving advantages to using both. The tensile strength of ETFE can be as much as 38% greater than PTFE, meaning ETFE material can be subjected to harsher operating conditions than its counterpart.

What is the meaning of ETFE?

Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) is a type of plastic that is fluorine-based, tough and has a high strength profile. It is widely used for chemical and electrical applications because of its useful properties. However, wires made with ETFE insulation may be prone to corrosion.Oct 29, 2019

Is ETFE fire resistant?

ETFE films have been rated under various national and international standards for fire resistance as self-extinguishing with no burning drops.Jun 28, 2016

Is ETFE a Teflon?

Considered one of the most durable fluoropolymer coatings, Teflon™ ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) industrial coatings are used widely across the chemical, power, energy production, and semiconductor industries.

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Is tefzel the same as Teflon?

ETFE, or ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, consists of carbon, fluorine and hydrogen, has a higher tensile strength than PTFE, though PTFE will stretch before breaking. It is also more heat resistant, melting at 327°C, which is 60°C more than ETFE. ... It's commonly known as Teflon®, a non-stick coating.Mar 1, 2014


How strong is ETFE?

ETFE has an approximate tensile strength of 42 MPa (6100 psi), with a working temperature range of 89 K to 423 K (−185 °C to +150 °C or −300 °F to +300 °F). ETFE resins are resistant to ultraviolet light.


Does ETFE block UV rays?

While maintaining a high light transparency (94-97% towards visible light and 83-88% towards ultraviolet light depending on the thickness), ETFE can considerably reduce the dangerous UV-B and UV-C radiation (which causes burning and is carcinogenic) through filtration compared with open air environment.


How transparent is ETFE?

ETFE Foil is naturally a very transparent material and transmits light across the entire visible light region (380-780nm). A single layer of medium weight ETFE has an approximate 85% light transmission, although multiple layers will lead to a small reduction.Feb 11, 2013


Is ETFE better than glass?

Due to it's non-stick surface, ETFE is self-cleaning and therefore requires no cleaning. ... Glass on the other hand has only the added 5% transparency over its rival in ETFE. Other than that, it is: Heavy – Increasing the weight on the overall building and adding more demand on your structural support.


How expensive is ETFE?

ETFE pricing can average between $125 and $185 per square foot. Vinyl coated polyester (PVC/PVDF). Of all the shade fabrics, PVC/PVDF is the most common material used on the market today.


Is ETFE a plastic?

One of the most widely-used of these materials is a fluorine-based plastic known as ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene).Apr 6, 2019


Is ETFE waterproof?

ETFE solar panels are waterproof, UV-resistant, lightweight and have a long service life (more than 5 years).Oct 21, 2019

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