What is daisy chaining used for?

What is daisy chain in network topology?

  • A daisy chain is used to direct the connection of network nodes and nodes of the computer. It is a typical type of network topology. Varied topology supports objectives, persistent, fault-tolerant and user-friendly. It is also simple to implement.

Which SPI ICS support daisy chaining?

  • Some Serial Peripheral Interface Bus (SPI) IC products are designed with daisy chain capability. All JTAG integrated circuits should support daisy chaining according to JTAG daisy chaining guidelines. Thunderbolt (interface) also supports daisy-chained devices such as RAID arrays and computer monitors.

Are daisy chains bad for your computer?

  • Commodore peripherals connected in a daisy chain to a single port on the back of the computer. This was by design, and worked fine. Except for cable management maybe. Daisy chains aren’t always bad. In computers, they happen a lot, usually when connecting peripherals.

image-What is daisy chaining used for?
image-What is daisy chaining used for?
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