What is bumper to bumper cover?

Does bumper to bumper cover body damage?

  • If your bumper was the result of a car accident, it will be covered if your policy includes collision coverage. If the bumper was damaged by another event, such as vandalism or a tree falling on it, it will not be covered unless you have comprehensive coverage.

What is a replacement bumper?

  • The Replacement bumper cover is an aftermarket replacement that is stylish, durable, and affordable. One of the most appealing factors of this bumper cover is its OE-comparable fit. It can fit your car perfectly without the use of modifications and adjustments.

What is bumper molding?

  • Home/T-Molding: Bumper. This vinyl t-molding has a thicker top to the "T" resulting in what is called a "Bumper" molding. A softer product than regular t-molding and made from PVC, it is designed for use where the molding may be impacted or bumped into.

image-What is bumper to bumper cover?
image-What is bumper to bumper cover?
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