What is basic electronic circuit theory?

What is a simple a circuit?

  • A circuit is a series of electrical components or devices connected together in a complete loop, allowing electric current in the form of charged electrons to flow through it and power the components.

What are the three basic components of a circuit?

  • From a high level, every circuit has three basic components: A voltage source introduces energy into a circuit via a potential difference between its positive (+) and negative (–) terminals. Voltage sources can be AC or DC–the main difference being how the current flows.

How do circuits work?

  • Circuits can use AC, or alternating current, like wall sockets, or DC, direct current, like anything powered by batteries. DC flows in one direction around the loop, while AC swaps direction rapidly. When analyzing circuits, we can measure numbers like current, resistance and voltage, or potential difference.

image-What is basic electronic circuit theory?
image-What is basic electronic circuit theory?
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