What is another word for "be supportive of"?

What does being supportive mean?

  • providing sympathy or encouragement: His family was supportive of his attempts to be a writer. providing additional help, information, etc.; auxiliary: manufacturers of supportive materials. Medicine/Medical. helping to maintain a normal physiological balance, as by the intravenous administration of required nutriment.

How to use "supportive" in a sentence?

  • Unions representing federal workers are cautiously supportive of expanding the program.
  • A homework-friendly parent will be supportive in other ways.
  • Most have the same tone : emotional,confessional,supportive.
  • Louise Fletcher ( as her supportive mom ) are equally strong.
  • We are supportive of Copley and the action it has taken.

What does it mean to be a supportive spouse?

  • Love and Romance. Being a supportive spouse can be both a rewarding and a difficult role. Although the dictionary definition is quite clear, living out being supportive in your marriage isn't always so well defined. For most couples, the most important aspect of being supportive is being a loving presence in your spouse's life.

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image-What is another word for "be supportive of"?
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