What is an electricity audit?

How do I do an energy audit of my home?

  • You can do your own basic home energy audit below, or borrow a Home Energy Toolkit for a more detailed audit. Where you see a house icon, it means the information relates to making modifications to your home. If you rent, you should ask your landlord before making the suggested changes.

What is an energy audit or survey?

  • Energy audits or survey are also designed to help home or business owners identify the most cost-effective and practical alternatives to reduce electric bills and power consumption.

What is an A Level 2 energy audit?

  • A level 2 energy audit includes a number of items not included in a level-1 audit such as: identifying how and where energy is used, a load profile analysis (instantaneous demand profile for your site), developing an energy performance indicator (e.g. MWh/unit), and measuring light levels to check if areas are over lit and wasting energy.

image-What is an electricity audit?
image-What is an electricity audit?
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