What is an electric bike conversion kit?

How long have we been building e-bikes?

  • We’ve been building inspired e-bikes since 2010, so you can be confident in our expertise. We’ve literally built hundreds of different electric bikes, trikes, fat-bikes, recumbents, dual trikes, pedicabs, scooters, BMX’s, downhill full suspension bikes, and more.

Which is the best rear wheel electric bike kit?

  • AW Rear Wheel Electric Kit - Best Budget Kit If you have decided that a rear wheel electric bike kit is what your require, the AW brand is definitely a kit that offers great value for money. There is much to love about this conversion kit and we discuss the key features below.

Can you convert a cargo bike to an electric bike?

  • If you want to convert the rear wheel of a cargo bike, then this kit is perfect. Although a charger for a lead-acid battery is included, the kit does not come with a battery. Another small but powerful electric bike conversion kit, The AW delivers 1000W of power to the 26” replacement front wheel.

image-What is an electric bike conversion kit?
image-What is an electric bike conversion kit?
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