What is a triple major degree?

Are triple majors a fad?

  • Current college fad: racking up double, triple, and even quadruple majors in order to impress future employers. This strategy is wrought with irony because, in effect, someone who has a triple major screams, “Don't hire me. I'll be a management disaster!” My advice to all you triple majors is to dump the excessive course load […] About Blog

What is a double major in University?

  • In any bachelor's degree at university, you're required to complete a major, or an area that you will specialise in. By studying a double major, you are opting to specialise in two areas rather than one. A double degree requires you to complete two separate qualifications – one after the other.

What are the benefits of triple majoring?

  • Earning triple major increases your career prospects and opens up a world of possibilities for you. After graduating, you’ll start knocking at employers’ doors seeking jobs. For those with only a single major, that means that they’ve no other option apart from seeking jobs that related to only one degree.

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