What is a tandem box drawer?

What is the difference between Blum tandem and movento?

Blum Tandem slides offer full extension, but not a progressive rack and pinion action. ... Only Blum Movento can be used for push-open/ soft close; No Tandem. Blum push-open/soft close is not adjustable for load or customer preference.

What is Hettich InnoTech?

The InnoTech drawer system offers huge scope for per- sonal choice – it offers extra value for your customers and differentiation options for your business. With the InnoTech drawer system, taking kitchen design right through to cabinet interiors is almost effortless.

What is a Blum drawer?

Pull-out systems for kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and office. From the versatility of the Tandembox runners to the cutting edge styling of Blum Legrabox, Blum has the ideal solution ready for almost every kind of application in this area.

What is Blum movento?

MOVENTO is a concealed runner system and the sophisticated solution for your wooden design ideas. The synchronised feather-light glide ensures an ultra-smooth running action. The 4-dimensional adjustment options provide you with a precise gap layout.

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image-What is a tandem box drawer?

Which is better grass or Blum?

Blum, Grass and Hettich runners are all excellent quality. Blum has the name, which is well-earned, and they are used by many big manufacturers of quality furniture. Grass runners are also very well respected and used extensively in quality furniture.May 12, 2017


Where are Blum drawer slides made?

TANDEM plus BLUMOTION concealed runners are made in the USA at our Stanley, NC facility. This is just one example of Blum's commitment to manufacturing products in the U.S., for the U.S.


What size drawer slides do I need?

Measure the box, not the drawer front

Start at the back of the box and measure to the front of the box without including the face of the drawer. Once you have the length, round the number down. For example, if the drawer is 20 ½ inches long you will need to purchase 20 inch drawer slides.
Oct 10, 2017


Can you install side mount drawer slides as undermount?

Additionally, side mounts are built to carry a limited load, and if it is used as an undermount, there is a huge possibility that it might bend and malfunction. So for these professionals, the answer to the question “Can you use side mount drawer slides as undermount” will always be no.Sep 8, 2021


What are undermount drawer slides?

Undermount drawer glides are pieces of hardware that are found beneath the box of the drawer. They allow the drawer to easily slide open and close. Undermount drawer glides hold more weight and provide more support than drawer glides that are located on the sides of the drawer box.


Why choose tandem over other drawers?

  • Since the runners are concealed under the drawer, they never interfere with style or design. TANDEM is available as a full or partial extension. Full extension gives you easy access to the very back of drawers so everything is within reach.


What is tandem plus Blumotion?

  • TANDEM plus BLUMOTION brings together all of the features, innovations and benefits that Blum has developed since first manufacturing drawer runners in the early 1960s. The first time you open and close a fully loaded drawer, you will quickly realize that TANDEM plus BLUMOTION concealed runners are unmatched in quality, style and running action.


What is the Movento tandem storage system?

  • Specifically designed for MOVENTO, TANDEM and TANDEMBOX, it fits in the space you have, and it can be rearranged to store the items you need. The customizable system is made of stainless steel trays and dividers, making it easy to adapt to any drawer configuration.


Why use targettandem drawers?

  • TANDEM gives you the right solution for every room with a range of nominal lengths in full extension and a load bearing capacity of 30kg. Fast assembly, easy fine tuning Drawer assembly is quick and easy. Simply use the locking device or hook and peg feature.

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