What is a Raster engraving laser?

What is a raster file?

  • A raster file is a bitmap, which means it is made up of pixels. The image is engraved by the laser machine line by line, point by point, similar to the way in which an inkjet printer applies ink, but instead of ink being applied, material is removed pixel by pixel by the laser.

What is the best analogy for laser engraving?

  • The best analogy would be the ink-jet printer which prints line by line. Raster image laser engraving works almost the same way. The computer-generated bitmap image made of pixels is interpreted by the laser engraving machine’s CNC controller. The laser keeps swiping back and forth across the area where it is working.

What is bi-directional laser engraving?

  • Rather than ink being applied, however, material is removed by the laser. This is a "bi-directional" process in which engraving is done in alternating fashion in both directions. During the line-by-line raster engraving process, the speeds of the two axles are very different.

image-What is a Raster engraving laser?
image-What is a Raster engraving laser?
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