What is a direct digital control system?

What is a DDC in an HVAC system?

  • Every manufacturer of an HVAC digital control system uses the DDC to perform pretty much the same functions. The catch is that each DDC system has different ways of letting you use these functions depending on the computer program being used.

What are DDC controls and where are they used?

  • Most DDC Controls systems can be found in commercial buildings and institutional buildings. The controllers can be retrofitted to existing HVAC equipment and lighting control offering temperature and humidity control, and lighting control. Additional these systems can be integrated into access control systems.

How does a directddc system work?

  • DDC systems have a central master station that will give you information about your HVAC units or anything else you wish to monitor in one single screen for efficiency. The information will be brought to your master station via sensors that will be deployed at your facility.

image-What is a direct digital control system?
image-What is a direct digital control system?
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