What is a coextruded multi-layer film?

What are the different COEX layers?

  • Coex layers are described by letters, each designating a resin type. An ” A/B/C/B/A ” structure is a symmetrical structure. Going back to the example of meat film, the A layer is LDPE, B is the “tie” layer and “C” is the nylon or EVOH “core” layer.

What is the difference between monolayer and COEX film?

  • Coex film can create voids as it exits the die just like monolayer film. When coex came along, the film was made in 2 colors to emulate the lamination. Albeit slowly, drapes such as mayo stand covers and nurse’s back table drapes transitioned to single layer.

What are some examples of films that don't need COEX?

  • Here are a few examples of films which absolutely do not need to be coex: Blue / white surgical drape films. Over 50 years ago, somebody made the case for a 2 layer laminate as a pinhole-free film. The theory being the chances of 2 pinholes lining up is infinitesimal.

image-What is a coextruded multi-layer film?
image-What is a coextruded multi-layer film?
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