What is a bone substitute called?

Are bonebone substitutes regulated?

  • Bone substitutes belong to different classes (varying with composition, form, and bioactive compounds). Therefore each of these products has a distinct regulatory classification and, as such, requires a different regulatory path for approval before marketing.

Could Hala Zreiqat's new bone substitute revolutionise surgery?

  • Professor Hala Zreiqat, a world-renowned biomedical engineer, has invented a remarkable synthetic bone substitute that could revolutionise surgery for millions of patients and the medical profession.

How to design bone substitute biomaterials?

  • Design of bone substitute biomaterials requires an understanding of how bone behaves mechanically at different scales. In this chapter, common experimental methods that are used to measure bone mechanical properties at the whole-bone scale, micrometre scale and sub-micrometre scale are detailed.

image-What is a bone substitute called?
image-What is a bone substitute called?
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