What happened in the quarry blast in NSW?

What is the Albury quarry explosion report all about?

  • The mobile phone vision is included in a report by the NSW Resources Regulator released today, which details "significant deficiencies in the procedures and controls" during the explosion at Albury Quarry in April 2018.

What was the cause of the Great Quarry explosion?

  • The foreman at the quarry, Thomas Fitzpatrick, reported a small explosion, similar to a normal quarry blast, immediately before the large one. He suggested that a single stick of dynamite may have been accidentally dropped. The resulting small explosion could have set off the entire shanty. The true cause of the explosion was never determined.

What was the Sibley Quarry explosion?

  • Sibley Quarry explosion. On January 30, 1900 the Sibley Quarry just north of Trenton, Michigan was the site of an accidental explosion of over 2,000 pounds of dynamite.

image-What happened in the quarry blast in NSW?
image-What happened in the quarry blast in NSW?
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