What does unplugged music actually mean?

What is an unplugged version of a song?

  • Unplugged is a more romanticized version of the song, in the sense, that there are absolutely no electric instruments, say electric guitar, bass or even kick drums. This version is much softer than the original one. The third term that people usually confuse with is "acoustic".

What does an unplugged concert mean?

  • Unplugged basically means that you are unplugging/removing the instrument from its amplifier or pick-up or any electrical device. For example, a acoustic guitar can be played with or without any pick-ups ( electrical setup used to carry the guitar's sound to amplifiers).

What is play Unplugged?

  • Play Unplugged is all about encouraging kids to put down their electronics and get out and play. This is done by creating a symbiotic relationship between kids, parents and the local community. This relationship creates an incentive for all to participate as one motivates the other. It all begins with motivation that works.

image-What does unplugged music actually mean?
image-What does unplugged music actually mean?
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