What does TPMS service required mean?

What is the best TPMS system?

  • The #1 Tire Pressure Monitoring System in North America. TireMinder® is the best TPMS solution for your RV, MotorHome, 5TH Wheel, Motor Coach, Trailer, and more.

How to tell which TPMS sensor is bad?

  • Illuminating TPMS warning light. If your car’s computer or ECU detects that there is something wrong with your TPMS sensor,it will set off the TPMS light.
  • Jerky steering wheel. Jerky steering occurs when your front tires have low air pressure. ...
  • Increased fuel consumption. ...

What is TPMs and how does TPMS work?

  • The Tire Pressure Monitor System or TPMS is an electronic system in your vehicle that alerts the driver when the air level of the tires is low. 2 different types of sensors work together to send signals to the computer when there is a problem with your tires.

image-What does TPMS service required mean?
image-What does TPMS service required mean?
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