What does the term 'intersection' mean?

How do you find an intersection?

  • To find an address, type as much information as you can in the address boxes. You can use abbreviations such as St. for Street and Ave. for Avenue. To find an intersection, type two street names, separated by an ampersand (&), in the Street address box. For example, to find the intersection of Bellevue Ave.

What is the probability of intersection?

  • The probability that Event A will not occur is denoted by P(A'). The probability that Events A and B both occur is the probability of the intersection of A and B. The probability of the intersection of Events A and B is denoted by P(A ∩ B). If Events A and B are mutually exclusive, P(A ∩ B) = 0.

What are the two methods of intersection?

  • Two methods of intersection controls are there  time sharing, and  space sharing.  The type of intersection control that has to be adopted depends on the traffic volume, road geometry, cost involved, importance of the road etc.

image-What does the term 'intersection' mean?
image-What does the term 'intersection' mean?
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