What does QVC mean?

Where is QVC Home Office?

  • QVC was founded on June 13, 1986 by Joseph Segel and is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Today it is a multinational corporation, specializing in televised home shopping.

Who owns QVC Shopping Network?

  • QVC is owned by Liberty Interactive Corporation, which was formerly known as Liberty Media Corporation, and HSN is owned by Home Shopping Network, Inc. HSN and QVC are competitors in the television shopping niche.

What is a QVC credit?

  • The QVC credit card is a nice credit card, especially if you tune in to the network to shop on a regular basis. However, this card is very limited as to where it can be used. The only thing you can use the credit card for is QVC purchases, and not all of QVC's products have the best price available.

Can I watch QVC on my mobile?Can I watch QVC on my mobile?

Watching QVC's video stream may significantly increase the data usage amount of your mobile device and may incur additional fees. Contact your network provider for more information. 5. TV Guide. Check out the times of your favourite shows with our comprehensive TV Guide, which allows you to view show times up to three weeks ahead.

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How does QVC use cookies?How does QVC use cookies?

QVC uses cookies and similar technologies, including 3rd party cookies, to enhance your browsing experience, display personalised ads in line with your preferences, and for other purposes described in our Privacy Statement.


When is Good Housekeeping kitchenware coming to QVC?When is Good Housekeeping kitchenware coming to QVC?

October 20, 2020: Good Housekeeping and Chef Curtis Stone’s Foodfight are launching Good Housekeeping Kitchenware on QVC. Why do millions of people all around the globe shop QVC? Because we offer a highly engaging, highly differentiated shopping experience.

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